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Saturday, 31 August 2013


The cover of this book caught my eye in the bookshop because of the bold terracotta colour and the bright red nail polish. The two didn’t seem to quite belong in the same landscape.
The back cover reads, “Warrior Princess in the funny and inspirational memoir of Mindy Budgor….” That got me in. I am into inspirational stuff and I am always fascinated by others’ lives, their struggles and achievements.
The book chronicles the journey of Mindy, who travels to Africa to undertake volunteer work building schools and hospitals in the Maasai Mara. She asks a chief why there are no women warriors, to which he replies, “Women are not strong enough or brave enough.” Mindy, who I get the feeling, believes that she can do anything, decides to take on the challenge to become the first female Maasai warrior.     
This book is written in a very casual, conversational style. It reads more like a novel, complete with a few swear words. The story is easy to follow and you get some glimpses of Maasai life.
I found some parts of the book a little disappointing. Mindy’s friend Becca also took the same journey and became a Maasai warrior, but there are no pictures of her in the book. She was there with Mindy every step of the way. She seems to be an elusive character. Can’t find her on Google either.
A few more photos of the forest, plains and village life would have been interesting as well. Mindy does, however, vividly describe these with her words so you get an idea of the atmosphere she portrays. The epilogue is well worth reading as it gives an insight into her life after leaving Kenya.
The inspiration for me is the fact that through the actions of two women, the Maasai in Loita, Kenya are working to change tribal law and allow women the right to become Maasai warriors. There is no suggestion that they have to do so, but to be given the opportunity if they wish.
An easy read, written in a light hearted way. This book does, however, deliver an important message about making a difference.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Intention. What does the word mean?

Intentions are great but actions have to take place to turn intentions into reality. Sometimes this is easy, for instance, “I intend to cook something for dinner that I have never tried before.” This is easy. I love to cook.

Other intentions are harder. I intend to keep the house looking better, tidy and clean. This is not so easy because it seems huge and let’s face it, I would rather bake a batch of biscuits than clean bathrooms. I admit that to others and to myself.

When life throws tough times at you, the instinct is to try and survive, but after the trauma, when you feel as if your nose is miles ahead of your rapidly scurrying feet, how do you pick yourself and start to rebuild what you have and make life better?

After much thinking, mostly in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and I have no intention of cleaning that bathroom, I have come up with the following intentions:

     1.  Eat more healthily. How do I do that?

     2.  Read more. Good books about people because I am always fascinated by other people, 
          their lives and what they achieve.
3. Learn. I don't think it it matters what it is because exercising my mind always make 
          me feel better.

Okay, let the intentions turn into actions…………….    

Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013 will be my year.

2013 will be my year. I am certain of it and by hanging onto this conviction I will be sure to make it a fabulous year.

Christmas was difficult. Having someone in the house who is unwell and a feeling of powerlessness to help ease the pain forces one to rethink what is really important. Is it important to see everyone at Christmas or should we be keeping in touch all year? Fancy food loses its appeal when someone is too unwell to eat any of it.

So here I am. Ready to make 2013 a fabulous year for all those around me. I invite you to join me. Why not?